A German Producer and Dj born in 1983 who started early playing around with Programs like Beatstomper (Amiga 500). As teenager Techno Music soon became a part of his Life and at first it started all with some simple Drag and Drop Software called Rave Ejay. It was very interresting but he knewed that there must be more.

"I had spend a lot time with the ejay software but i asked myself: Does Westbam use ejay to make his Music? Hell No! There has to be more but i was just a kid with no idea.

I remember the day in 1999 when a friend showed me a program called Fruity Loops and i could not believe how easy he build a simple Techno Beat only with a Kick a Hi Hat and a Snare Sample.There was the answer for all of my questions. The ability to create your own individual Techno Music was somehow hard to believe. I had always a great passion for music (I dont know how many hours i played with the ejay Programs) But when you ask me about the first Instruments i played i have to answer that my always beloved E guitar came at first and that the second one was the Ts 404 Synthesizer. At this time i really had no clue that this is a synthesizer or an Instrument. For me it was a little grey box with fantastic sounds using all the knobs and switches.

Well at this moment Fruity Loops... excuse me.            I mean Fl Studio, became my new passion for me and it was very funny to show everyone day for day my new tricks with this Software.

But please dont think that i spended the last 15 years sitting in front of my Pc creating music. Making music is a big part of my life but earning money with good hard work means everything to me.

You can try to live your dream but please dont dream your live away.

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